Sell Your Tools

This is our favorite part of RustHunting, finding and purchasing tools! It's why we created this webspace, so that you could contact us and learn more about what you have and what we buy. We are avid hunters and attend auctions, garage and estate sales, flea markets, and even make road trips to meet people, talk tools, and purchase vintage woodworking tools of all types.

Below and on other pages, you will find numerous pictures of tools, but if you have something that you don't see here, don't worry, we're interested. We will tell you what you have, including the current prices they've been selling for. Just send us an email, or call us with a description of what you have. If you can email us a picture, that's even better, Don't worry if it's not a great pic, and cell phone pics are fine, too. We even text!

We pay fair and honest rates. There are several conditions that affect the value of your tools.

#1 Condition -        Don't get hung up on this, though. We are experts at the restoration of old, rusty, dirty, grimy and broken tools. They're all valuable to us.

#2 Rarity -              We even like our steaks rare.

#3 Manufacturer -   Some manufacturers are more sought after and have a larger following. See the Makers List below.

#4 Cool factor! -     Some things we just love no matter the other factors.

Regardless of all these factors, contact us. We love to talk tools.
Old Tool manufacturers list (this is not a comprehensive list, just some popular examples. If you have a tool not listed, let us know!)

Stanley (incl Stanley Bedrock, Victor...)
Keen Kutter
Millers Falls

more coming!

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