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Contact Information:

Email us using this address for anything at all. Whether it is to sell, buy, inquire, or just to talk tools. Please provide any other information to us that you may feel significant.

Some options:
  • Tool information
  • Your other contact info - name, phone number, city and state or full address - what ever you want us to use.
  • Pictures! We LOVE pictures!

At the minimum, please let us know your first name, along with the city and state you are in. It helps us feel neighborly, even if we're not neighbors!

Please do NOT include payment information in the first contact with us!



There are many RustHunters, and we aren't the first, nor are we the largest. We do have associates around the United States, and even a few internationally, so no matter where you are, chances are good that we can direct an associate to contact you at your convenience.

Here's a couple of us who run this site;

Kansas City, Missouri area:

Greg and Tim love old tools, but there's other stuff we love, too. Here's a little bit about us;

Greg is a 40-something family man. Married to Juli (whom he calls his Swiss Army Wife, because she can do anything!), they have 3 wonderful kids, Christian, Aaron and Gabby. He is a veteran of the US Army who loves nothing better than playing with and cheering for his kids. His hobbies include woodworking, sports, working on his home and yard, and making his kids laugh until their sides hurt. Greg believes his life is WAYYYY better than he deserves, and thanks God daily for it!

Tim is a saw dude...

Payment Information:

We accept and use many forms of payment:
Credit Cards
Money Orders
Personal Checks

Note: All items purchased using Money Orders and Checks will be  held until the payment clears.

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